Multifunctional Hospital for Active Healthcare

The Multifunctional Hospital for Active Healthcare St. Petka, Vidin to provide high quality medical service in the following activities:
   1.High quality medical assistance to the patients according to the standards of good medical practice and treatment, with good professional ethics and preservation of the rights of the patients.
   2. High quality, accessible and timely medical and rehabilitation assistance

The goals of the hospital are in conformity with the national health policy and the expectations of society improvement of the health of the population of the region, increasing of the productivity of the human and technological resources within the health system, maintaining the balance between the interests of doctors and patients, achieving a high level of professionalism and effective usage of the resources with minimum risk for the patients and a positive effect on their health, providing the population with a wide specter of health services. The most valuable asset of the hospital is the highly qualified personnel.


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